Welcome to the Savoy

Welcome to the Savoy. My name is Anne, and this is my husband, Andy. That’s right—Anne and Andy—like Raggedy Anne and Andy, the dolls. (We’ve heard it before.) In 2004 we met through dancing and have been together ever since. In 2009 we were teaching dance and need a bigger, more permanent space, and that’s how we found the Savoy. At that time, it looked like this. (Eeek.)

Eight years later, this place is our literal life. We eat, breathe, and sleep the Savoy. (I’m not kidding about the sleeping part—we live upstairs—with our three cats. And no, we don’t need any more.)

Almost every day you’ll find us teaching dance at the Savoy through our studio, Dance With Me. So if you want to two-step, swing, ballroom, or shake your groove thing, check us out. Every year I teach classes for our Thriller performance on C-Street, so come join our Zombie Crew. Andy is an expert at teaching couples how to dance like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing, so if you want to have the time of your life, he’s your man. But please (please) get started early. Good dancing doesn’t happen overnight.

In addition to the dance studio, we also rent the Savoy for weddings, receptions, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, and family reunions. And that’s where you come in, since I’m assuming you’re looking for a venue for your next event. (Pick me, pick me!) But seriously, we’re here to offer you our very best, both through the Savoy and this blog. So if our experience can help you in any way, please use it.

Oh, I almost forgot. Check out the Savoy now. (And guess what—if you rent the venue, you don’t have to personally set up a single chair. We’ll do that part. Phew! That’s a load off.)

Isn’t that awesome? Both Andy and I feel truly fortunate to live, work, and play here, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So if there’s anything we can do, just ask. We’re willing to work our tails off to make sure your wedding or event is exactly what you’re looking for. Really. Here’s a picture of us after a typical wedding weekend.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by to check us out. We plan to update this blog regularly with tips for weddings (and dancing), as well as inspirational pictures from weddings and events at the Savoy. Just think of us as your Fairy Godmother—we’re here to help spruce things up and help you get ready for your big day. The good news, of course, is that you don’t have to be home by midnight (unless you want to).

Oh, and please don’t tell my husband that I referred to him as a Fairy Godmother.