Make Your Wedding Exit Epic

So it's your big day (congratulations), and you've gotten married, had your first dance, and even cut the cake (cake!). But there's still one more thing left to do--leave. How are you going to actually LEAVE your wedding? A lot of brides and grooms tend to linger at their weddings, saying goodbye to guests and huggings, even picking up. Here at the Savoy, we think the choice is up to you, but we highly recommend a proper send-off. Come back later to pick up if you HAVE to, but a good wedding exit is the perfect way for your friends and family to cheer you on and help you start your new life together. PLUS, the pictures will look great.

A few things to consider when planning your "exit strategy":

1. Make a Plan!

For sure, don't leave anything to chance. Talk to your wedding coordinator and DJ and decide what the final few songs will be. Make sure someone gives you a heads up that the evening is winding down, and during the final songs you can say goodbye to your friends and family, grab some cake for the road, or even change into your traveling clothes if you want to do so.

2. Flower Power

A big trend lately is using flowers for your exit. Not only are they beautiful, they don't hurt to get hit with. Plus, they represent growth or "something new." Many people use WILDFLOWERS, but you can also use herbs. Our personal favorite is LAVENDER. Whatever you do, don't go with silk flowers--they're almost impossible to contain and aren't gentle on the earth. Opt for the real thing!

3. Light It Up

By far, one of the most popular wedding exits lately is SPARKLERS. Not only are they easy to clean up (much easier than something like confetti), they look ASTOUNDING in pictures. Be sure to have a bucket (with sand) where your guests can put their used sparklers, and check with your local fire department to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. In our experience here at the Savoy, 12-inch sparklers are almost always fine. Also, go with the metal ones, not the wooden ones, which tend to throw more sparks. (Think about your hair.)

4. Speaking of Confetti, Think about Cleanup

Many wedding sites and organizers suggest throwing confetti or silk flowers--two things that look fantastic in photos and aren't a big deal to get stuck down the front of your dress. That being said, they are also difficult to pick up and almost impossible to keep contained on your venue's property. (Think about the wind.) Therefore, we recommend "things to throw" that are biodegradable or at least easy to keep contained and pick up.

A good confetti alternative--STREAMERS, BUBBLES, or WEDDING WANDS (think Cinderella's Fairy Godmother).

5. Think about the Birds!

The most "traditional" thing to have "thrown at you" when you're exiting your wedding is rice. (Rice represents rain and symbolizes good fortune.) However, this trend has dramatically declined in recent years because rice is supposedly bad for any birds that might mistake it for birdseed and eat it. (Some people claim the birds explode.) For this reason, many couples opt for BIRDSEED, which they sometimes prepackage for their guests in small containers or bags. Other couples have large buckets of birdseed just outside their venue with scoops. Either way, some guests get pretty aggressive when throwing things, so if you go with birdseed, plan on finding it EVERYWHERE (in your clothes, in your car) for days.

6. If You Choose Not to Exit

For those who want to stay until the last guest has left, consider doing a "fake exit" earlier in the evening. This allows more people to participate in the send off and be involved in pictures. Plus, it gets it out of the way, then you can return to your wedding and party the night away or even stay for clean up (woowho!). For those that do stay for the last minute, THE QUIET EXIT (just the two of you beginning your adventure together) is always a simple but just as lovely option.

When deciding on your exit, be sure to check the rules at your venue. And as always, if there's anything we can do to help you on your special day, please let us know,