Five MORE Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Here at the Savoy, we know that planning a wedding is a big (big) deal, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. But never fear--we're here to help. Last month we brought you 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue, and this month we're back with even more things to think about when gettin' hitched. So sit back, take notes if you're "one of those people," and start planning. (Three-ring binder optional.)

1. Room Attendant

Ask your potential venue if rental of their space includes a room attendant. Honestly, it's great to have someone who "knows the ropes" on site to answer all your questions and help with last-minute concerns--where all the light switches are, where to find some extra chairs for all those people who didn't RSVP and showed up anyway, and how to get the new-fangled thermostat to work. Let's face it--the goldfish aren't going to answer your questions. Plus, an on-site staff member can stock the toilet paper in the restroom throughout the night, and then your Aunt Bertha doesn't have to. Just imagine what would happen if one of your groomsmen saw your Aunt Bertha in the men's room. I mean, it could get awkward.

2. Double Booking

Does your potential venue book more than one event per day? If so, ask how much time is allotted between events and what happens if the event before yours runs over. At the Savoy, we give you the entire day. Show up early, stay late. Of course, some people don't need an entire day to get ready, but having a buffer of time allows for all the unexpected surprises that inevitably come up. Like, as much as you love your third cousin, chances are they're going to be late for family photos. (You know it's true.)

3. In and Out (Doors, Not Burgers)

If you're interested in getting married outdoors, great! There's nothing like an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with brides and grooms. (Rude, I know.) So be sure to ask your potential venue if they have a good alternative for inclement weather.

4. Air Conditioning

In today's world, sometimes we take heating and air conditioning for granted. But with the trend toward barn weddings and industrial venues, it's not uncommon for venues to come without temperature control. As a general rule, people start getting uncomfortable with any temperature above ninety, and that could happen pretty much year round in the south. Plus, if you're dancing, you're no doubt sweating, so air conditioning is a must. So if you're getting married indoors and plan to pack in a bunch of warm bodies, make sure there's an air conditioner and that you can start cooling down the room earlier in the day.

5. Trust Your Gut

This one is a bit subjective, but you know when something just feels right. So we suggest going to any potential venue in person, meeting the staff, and taking a good look around. How does it feel? Obviously, your wedding day is a special occasion, so follow your heart. If something seems off or you're not absolutely certain a place is where you want to be, look for other options. But if it meets your wishes and feels right, go for it!

6. Bonus

Lastly, don't assume anything. If you or your DJ is planning to play music or show a video and you need access to equipment, video cables, or Wi-Fi, be sure to ask. Most venues have heard and seen it all, but simply don't like to be surprised. So whatever you want or need, just get it all out in the open as soon as possible.

Above all else,

We know there's a lot to think about, but thankfully, you're not alone. Many brides and grooms have gone before you, and those of us in the wedding business are here to help. So remember there's a ton of help here for you, have fun, and let's start thinking about that cake.