Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

As I'm sure you know, planning a wedding isn't for sissies. It's A LOT of work. I mean, first you have to find a someone to marry. Hopefully that part is already done. If it is--phew--that's one thing checked off the to-do list. The next most important thing, however, is finding the perfect venue. Here at the Savoy Ballroom, we've talked to and been fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds of brides, grooms, and their families. Most of the time, people have the same questions and concerns, but when you're busy getting married, it's hard to think of everything. Here are our top things to consider when deciding where you and your special someone will celebrate your most important day.

1. Availability and Capacity

First of all, is the place where you want to get married available on the date you want? Many venues book at least a year (or more) in advance, so this is a big deal. If your favorite venue is in high demand and you get engaged one night, it's worth calling the venue the next morning and asking, "What do you have available?" If your wedding date is flexible, all the better. If not, keep searching until you find a place you like that's open.

If you have a round number of people who will be attending, make sure the venue can accommodate your ideal guest count. Sometimes venues are simply too small to fit in all your friends and family, and, of course, you want there to be room for everyone to sit down or stand up, eat cake, and celebrate.

2. Accessibility

Who will your guests be? Many brides and grooms have relatives or friends in wheelchairs or with special needs, and it's important that everyone is able to easily get into the venue, view the ceremony, and enjoy the reception.

3. Amenities

What is included with the rental of your venue? Included is the magic word! Ask about tables, chairs, tablecloths, and non-alcoholic drinks. At the Savoy, we believe all the furniture (tables and chairs) should be included in any venue rental, as no one wants to break a sweat unloading a truck full of folding chairs on their wedding day--especially if you're in a dress.

Talk about a serious drag.

4. Food (Because Everyone Likes to Eat)

Okay, this is pretty important. Getting married and watching someone get married can be a lot of work, and food is the perfect reward. Ask if your venue uses an exclusive caterer, or if you're allowed to bring in your own. Many families choose to bring in their own food, but in our experience, having a caterer is worth it in the long run. Not only can you save money, but you can get a customized menu. Plus, it's less stress, and we could all use less stress. (And more spinach dip.)

5. Dranks (Alcohol)

Not everyone drinks, but for those of us who do--well--let's talk. If your venue has a liquor license, they have to be the sole provider of alcohol. Really, this is a good thing. It takes the worry and responsibility off you, and you don't have to mess with about stocking a bar with drinks, glassware, mixers, and all those little red cherries. Of course, paying for drinks and a bartender are extra expenses, but there are always options, such as a limited bar or a cash bar. Just talk to the venue about your budget and concerns. They should work with you. (If not, vote with your feet and go somewhere else.)

Also, ask about a customized or special drink. At the Savoy, our bartenders regularly come up with unique drinks to fit the couple and their theme.

Just Remember,

Planning a wedding may be a lot of work and most venues will have their rules and limitations, but I can say confidently that places like the Savoy WANT to work with you and make your day nothing short of wonderful. Really, almost anything is possible. So if you have a vision, let's make it happen.

More than anything, congratulations, and we wish you all the best,