Food & Drink


At Savoy Ballroom, outside catering is welcome. We know delicious food makes happy guests and great presentation delights. The Savoy is happy to make local recommendations for catering, decor and linens to ensure an amazing event.

Catering Guidelines

At the Savoy, we hustle behind the scenes to keep our customers and business partners happy. This means there are just a few rules we must follow, so all parties involved are able to maintain a cheerful state of mind. As you select your caterer, please make sure they are able to work within these guidelines.

  • Food preparation is not allowed on-site. (This keeps us out of trouble with the health inspector.)
  • Any electrical equipment brought in for use by a caterer must be preapproved by Savoy management. (We don’t want to be in hot water with the fire department.)
  • Savoy Ballroom reserves the right to refuse building access to any caterer who violates professional ethics. (The best interest of our clients and their guests is always at the forefront.)
  • At the end of your event, all caterers are responsible for food cleanup in the ballroom. Caterers must remove all catering-related items and any equipment they provide. Any additional food-related cleanup required by the Savoy will be deducted from your cleaning and damage deposit. (A clean ballroom is a happy ballroom.)
  • You and your caterer are responsible for napkins, plates, silverware, glassware, removal of rented dishes and any other dining needs, unless otherwise stated in the contract. The Savoy does not have a kitchen or any commercial dish-cleaning equipment.
  • Punch, chocolate or caramel fountains and s’more bars require an attendant provided by a professional vendor. The attendant must be present to offer service and ensure the fountains or bars are maintained properly throughout the event. (We insist on keeping our guests out of sticky situations.)
  • If self-catering, the occupant accepts all responsibility for any illness, injury or damage that results from the food, food service or utensils and equipment used for food service. (Let a professional take the worry out of your event.)

Cash Bar, Hosted Bar or No Bar?

In years past, it was considered inappropriate to expect your guests to pay for any part of your wedding festivities. However, today, cash bars are common at receptions. When guests purchase their own alcohol, they usually drink less and stop sooner.

We also offer open bars. If your wedding budget simply cannot accommodate a full open bar, there are many alternatives to asking your guests to foot the bill. Some couples choose to limit the selection of alcohol available or set a maximum dollar amount to be spent. You and your fiancé should decide together if, and how much, you wish to spend on the bar.

Hosted Bar Services

Enhance your merrymaking experience! The Savoy team strives to add a personal touch to each event detail. Let us customize a hosted bar services quote for you today.

Non-Alcoholic Weddings

It is not necessary to serve alcohol at your wedding. Most guests will easily understand if you choose to have an alcohol-free event. Soft drinks, juice, coffee, water and other beverages can be served, providing an affordable option. Don’t worry about sharing this decision with guests. They attend to celebrate this day with you, booze or no booze.

Limited Selection

You may elect to have a limited bar instead of a full open bar. We’ll use your preferences to select drinks feasible within your budget. A simple menu, designed with an elegant wedding font, can inform guests of featured drinks. Beer, wine and one or two simple-but-tasty cocktails are the most common choices. This will bring down your bar costs substantially.

Signature Drinks

If you want a more memorable bar at your wedding, you can choose one elaborate signature drink instead of a wide array of cocktails. This limits the amount of ingredients purchased, making the budget more manageable. Choosing a themed drink to coordinate with the wedding, such as a tropical drink for a beach-themed wedding, is a terrific way to make the most of this option. The Signature Drink option is also an excellent choice for a short cocktail reception.